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Lai Chau Hydropower Project

Lai Chau Hydropower Project

Lai Chau Hydropower Project in Nam Nhan district, Lai Chau province has a total investment of nearly VND 40,000 billion, which is a key national project of Vietnam. Once it finishes it will become the third largest hydropower Plant built on Song Da river, after the two hydroelectric plants in Son La and Hoa Binh

Quang Trung "broke" geographic barriers with the Lai Chau Hydropower Project

With the success of the Son La Hydropower Project, Quang Trung Group immediately received instructions of the Prime Minister to continue carrying out fabrication of heavy-duty cranes for serving construction of the Lai Chau Hydropower Plant - The third largest projects of hydropower in Song Da River.

The challenge of the Lai Chau Hydropower Project is that it located in a very dangerous area which created many difficulties for equipment transportation and made most businesses were upset with, even given up.

However, Quang Trung Industrial Group viewed it not only difficulties but also a challenge and an opportunity to develop its creative ability and prove its power and wisdom talent. With the system of crane of thousands of tons and requirement of rush transportation, Quang Trung once again made the scientists in the industry admired in amazement.

Successful signing of the Lai Chau Hydropower Project with Quang Trung Industry Group

On 6/8/2013, Quang Trung officially signed the contract No. 33/2013 / DAT ĐSL-KH-HD with Electricity of Vietnam - EVN who is managing Lai Chau Hydropower and Son La Hydropower.

Under the contract, Quang Trung implemented the 3TB package "Engineer, manufacture install and instruct operation of cranes". Lai Chau Hydropower Plant is located at Nam Nhu Town, Nam Nhun District, Lai Chau Province.

As soon as signing the contract, Quang Trung Industrial Grou started work on fabrication. With experience in manufacturing crane of 1200 tons and gantry crane for Son La hydroelectric plant, in March 2015 Quang Trung quickly completed the 1200 ton crane as scheduled.

However, transporting a giant 2000 ton crane is foreseen impossible with the existing road infrastructure. For river shipping option, it is too difficult to cross the two hydro power plants in Hoa Binh and Son La.

Days have passed, all given options seem to be impossible and it came into the deadlock. Meanwhile, if the delivery of crane to the factory is late by only 10 days, the whole project will be delayed for a year due to the transition from the rainy season to the dry season, which will cause the damage of VND 4 trillion to the State.

No more delays is allowed, the crane must be transported and delivered to the site. The most feasible option is most likely river shipping.

The story of transportation of the thousand-ton crane

All difficulties along the long journey to bring the 1200 ton crane to the Lai Chau Hydropower Plant is still deep in memory of Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong just like yesterday.

It is remembered that when the crane was transported to the ​​Chuong Duong Bridge, Hanoi. Entire 2000-ton shipment of machinery equipment ran aground because the water level on the Red River was as low as 80cm. Although having support from the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant by discharging its full capacity but the water level only rose by 20cm and the shipment cannot make any move.

As the light at the end of the tunnel, the idea of ​​floating the device by injecting liquid nitrogen gas into the crane of Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong totally saved the project. However, it raised another concern about the quality of the equipment if it is soaked in water.

Never giving up, by accurate calculations Mr. Cuong successfully persuaded the Steering Committee of Lai Chau Hydropower Management Board that the crane’s quality can not be affected.

As expected, only in a short time, all 2000 tons of equipment reached Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant where Mr. Cuong directly instructed workers to use lifting equipment to transport the crane through the dam, and then made them float again on the way to Son La Hydropower Plant. It passed through the Son La hydropower dam and soon the giant crane hit the Lai Chau Hydropower Plant.

As said by Mr.Cuong, he did not worry about the construction of the crane but transporting them to the site. “At that time a lot of pressure put on me from the Investment Owner, I was so worried about progress schedule, product quality that I could not eat well and not sleep enough. I always bald all nights.” he added.

With the contributions and sacrifices for the country's mechanical industry, Mr. Nguyen Tang Cuong was honored to be the first and sole recipient of Ho Chi Minh Award in the field of Science, Engineering and Manufacturing of cranes.

So, the "King of Steel" is now a labor hero of at the time of Doi Moi, one of 100 faces of Vietnamese businessmen.

Quang Trung with big projects

With reputation gained after the success of huge projects, Quang Trung was awarded a series of big projects and became the contractor for manufacturing lifting equipment such as Dong Nai 3, Dong Nai 4, Song Tranh, Huoi Quang, Ban Chat, Hua Na.

Some people may think that Quang Trung Industry Corporation was very lucky to have favor of the state with many the national key projects awarded. Or Quang Trung bloomed at the right time when the Government created favorable conditions for mechanical engineering businesses in local to gradually improve capacity, to master the technology of design and manufacture of equipment for power plants with the aim to promote the development of the country’s mechanical industry.

Yes, they were right. With a business that already has the potential in technology, facilities and human resources like Quang Trung, what it lacks is only opportunity. However opportunity always comes with challenges, and challenges bring in pressure. In some cases the pressure could be so huge that not many enterprises can afford.

For example, concerning the Son La hydropower project, how many enterprises are dare to receive a project to build a 1200-ton crane while it has never produced such a giant equipment? Who can bet on the lives of his self and his relatives and families with 28 million people downstream if transporting the giant crane of the Lai Chau hydropower project is faulty?

Thanks to being bold and believing in its own ability Quang Trung gained the trust and prestige from the Investment Owners. As a result the so-called "invisible link" between Quang Trung with big projects later is inevitable.

Conclusion: Standing at the top of rank of crane manufacturer in Vietnam today is a worthy and undeniable success that Quang Trung Industry Corporation deserves to have.

Some memorable photos of Lai Chau Hydropower plant.

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